Marly with dogs

I’m so happy you’re here. A Brick Home is a blog dedicated to helping you create a beautiful home on a budget. I’m an avid DIYer, home renovator, organizer, and decorator. I hope you’ll find some inspiration here to create a happy and thriving home space.

Since starting my blog, I have also become quite passionate about blogging, so you’ll find blogging-related posts as well! I’d love to help you get started on creating your very own blog. You can learn how to start a blog here.

My background:

I’m Marly, a once single, fresh-out-of-college, go-getter marketer turned inspired home renovator and frugal married-mom-blogger. That was a mouthful.

After graduating college in 2011, I spent the next several years on the grind in the corporate world as, you guessed it, a marketer.

After I had a baby in 2016, my entire life changed, for the better. Not only did I want to find a way to stay at home full-time with my baby girl, but I also wanted to find a way to make money writing inspirational blog posts to help others’ achieve their home goals and work-from-home dreams. That’s when this beautiful blog was born.

Here’s a list of my most favorite things:

  1. My hubby, who is basically a self-made contractor (thanks YouTube!) and makes all my home project fantasies a reality.
  2. My sweet baby girl who makes me the happiest mama of all time.
  3. My two loving, begging, licking mutts, Dakota and Sadie. *Update* – my sweet husky Dakota passed away in April 2017, and she will forever be missed.
  4. Living a well-rounded life. From home living to wellness, I try to be the best me as much as humanly possible.
  5. Being smart with my money. I am super picky about how I spend my money, as I should be! I used to be a big spender until I met my hubby. He’s very good with his money and I’ve caught on to his whole saving gig – and now it’s become habitual. I rarely splurge on material items – and when I do, it’s something I absolutely adore.
  6. My home. I am weirdly obsessed with renovating, DIY projects, decorating, and even staging my home on a regular basis. I try to remember that I actually need to live in my home and that it’s not being staged for a photo shoot every second. But, what can I say, I like what I like and if a tidy, staged home makes my heart sing, so be it.
  7. I believe happiness always come from within and that you have the power to create your own happiness. Wow, that sounded less-corny in my head.
  8. Living in the now. OK, social media plays a big role in what I do, but I do like to take a step back from it when I am physically conversing with someone – and you should, too. An engaged conversation is good for the soul.
  9. Being organized. It’s a lifestyle choice. I have made a commitment to myself to be organized in all aspects of my life. It makes me more productive, and I’m the type who needs to be productive all the time. (Fortunately, so does my husband. Hello 5am paint session for the ceiling in our bedroom which is really not important at all but yes we would absolutely wake up that early to do it.)

The list goes on, but those pretty much top the list.

Marly and Jason Home

My hubby and I moved into our two-story colonial in 2013 (yes, it’s actually brick – I wasn’t lying when I named my blog!) and have been renovating project-by-project ever since, on a tight budget.

We’ve completely redone our kitchen, master bedroom, master bathroom, two living rooms, dining room, entry way stairs, and are currently working on the basement. The progress hasn’t been easy or fast and we’ve had to budget accordingly and make financial sacrifices, but it’s totally been worth it.

This isn’t the first time. Mr. Dice and I have bought and sold a couple houses before that – one might even go as far to say as we flipped them (maybe amateur flippers is more appropriate). At the time, we were both working full-time  jobs, so we spent our weekends and late nights after work putting floor boards in our house, knocking down walls, and repainting trim.

Our hard work paid off. We were able to use the money we made selling those houses to buy our perfect home – OK, not perfect – but darn close to perfect. It’s the home we’re in now and still needs renovations, but we’re in the location we want with the land and space we want. It all wouldn’t have been possible without a smart and frugal financial strategy and a knack for home renovating.

Which leads me to today. In this blog, I provide my frugal decorating tips, home inspiration, DIY renovations, tutorials, blogging tips and more.

I hope you find something on my blog that inspires you.