Office Decor Ideas with Fixer Upper Style

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I have been on the hunt for office decor ideas, as I’m currently giving my home office a makeover. Last week, my husband and I tackled one of the projects on my office makeover to-do list by making a DIY board and batten grid wall. While I had a general direction for the look of my new office before tackling any of my renovation projects, including the grid wall, I didn’t have an inspiration board created yet.

Amid a few other office projects I have begun to tackle, I decided to make my office decor ideas inspiration board today! I have been perusing Amazon for some new decor ideas, and I’m happy to say I have found lots of inspiration. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper and I adore Joanna Gaines’ design work. I tried to tune her in when creating this office decor ideas board so I could achieve a look similar to hers.


Here’s a roundup of my favorite office decor ideas with Fixer Upper style that are all available on Amazon!

Holland Bookcase – I loovveee…lurrrvvv…luuuvvv this bookcase. It’s so much classier than a standard five-shelf bookcase. I just got the tiniest bit depressed because I looked at my standard bookcase that’s sitting next to me and then back at this one on the computer screen. If I don’t purchase this one, I’m going to have some serious DIY work to do on my crummy standard one. Thanks a lot, Amazon.

Baxton Studio Natural Oak Wood Chair – I adore this chair for a home office or, really, anywhere in the home. I could definitely see it being used as an accent chair in a living room or as part of a dining room set. The oval back gives it such a timeless and elegant look.

Turin Wood Dining Table with Farmhouse Legs – This table is actually a dining table, but I think it would would work perfectly as an oversized desk. The legs give it that perfect farmhouse appeal.







Wood and Wire Pendant Light – Just keep staring…just keep staring. Is this not the best pendant light you have ever seen? If it’s not, then don’t answer that question. I am obsessed with it.

Farmhouse Steel Vintage Shade and Gooseneck – This is so industrial and…perfect.

Scoop Wire Storage Basket – If you’re like me and always in need of storage bins, this one is a great solution. I think the scooped front gives it such a cute appeal. I also like the idea of adding a wood or chalkboard tag to the front to give any items in it a description.

Mini Artificial Succulent Plants – Every space needs greenery, in my humble opinion.



Jumbo Scrapbook Storage Box – This box is so simple and functional. I like that I could store my mismatched junk in it without anyone ever knowing.

Vintage Style Bicycle Bookends – I am really trying to step up my quirky pieces in my home. I have next to none. I think these bicycle bookends could be a step in the right direction.

Rustic Wood Wall Clock  – I have been wanting a wood clock for awhile, and I absolutely love this one.

Rustic Open Box Shelves – I could see these either being hung as shelves or displayed on bookshelves are part of the decor.

Boston Fern – Who doesn’t love a fern?

Weathered Oak and Matte Black Bookcase – Weathered oak is so beautiful. This bookcase would make a statement in any home office.

Chicken Wire Baskets – More storage options are always a good thing. These baskets would be perfect for pads of paper or a couple of books.

Beige/Blue Vintage Persian Rug – I currently have carpet in my home office, and while I would much rather prefer wood, I don’t think I want to spend any of my office makeover budget on redoing the floors. I may revisit that in the future, but for now, I think a rug like this one would help complete the look. It would also look amazing on wood floors, too.

Decorative Jugs – These jugs would make amazing bookcase decor in a home office.

Galvanized Wall Pockets – I am always looking for wall decor that isn’t pictures or frames, and I love this option. They’d be perfect for incoming mail or even some faux greenery.

Galvanized Wall Hanging File Holder – Papers and mail collect in an office. Even the most organized people still need an organization system. This industrial file holder could be the perfect solution.

Faux Wood Table Lamp – I am loving wood (or faux wood, in this case) elements lately. The base of this table lamp is calling my name.

Rustic Round Galvanized Metal Mirror – Am I the only one who likes a mirror in my office? They come in handy and can also make perfect wall decor.

Desktop Office Organizer – This is such a cute office organizer, perfect for odds and ends.

Farmhouse Industrial Chairs – Other people need a place to sit, too. Am I right? I get annoyed at running out to my dining room to grab a chair every time I want to show my husband something on my computer. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have additional chairs ALREADY IN THE OFFICE? I like these a lot, so maybe they’ll make their way into my home office.

Hour Glass in Stand – Let’s be honest – I wouldn’t actually USE this hour glass. But, I love the way it looks. It would make the perfect statement piece on an office desk.

Apothecary Wood Desk Drawer Set – Lately I have had an obsession with apothecaries. Oh right, it’s because I watch Fixer Upper and I’ve seen Joanna (I’m just going to call her by her first name like I know her. Don’t judge me.) incorporate them into her design. This small desk one would be super cute in an office.

Coffee Mug – You had me at “shiplap walls.”



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And now I’m obsessed with that wood light fixture. So thanks for that! These are all such great choices. Makes me wish I was redoing our office!

Ryan Biddulph

The natural oak wood chair looks awesome Marly. Isn’t it amazing what we can buy on Amazon? It’s not just about Blogging From Paradise eBooks LOL. But really, being a digital nomad vagabond type it has been nice to settle in for a few months in the States to enjoy being in a home and to have nice stuff in the home. Considering my possessions are my suitcase, backpack, clothes, Chromebook, smart phone, wallet, and some money too 🙂

Great blog you have here.