How to Make Rich Pins on Pinterest

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I have been asked how to make rich pins on Pinterest a few times, so I figured I would make an easy-to-follow-tutorial so you can set them up right away!


If you’re a blogger or have been perusing Pinterest lately, you may notice that some pins look different than others. Some pins are more simplistic and just include a couple lines of text under them. These are not rich pins. These are regular pins.

Rich pins are the ones that provide more information. There are several types of rich pins, including app, product, recipe, and article. I chose the article rich pin for my purposes. You’ll notice that with rich pins, Pinterest users see a bold headline that displays the article name as well as description text under it. When you click on the pin, you’ll see even more information including where the article is from, a “Read it” button, and a favicon.


Here’s an example of one of my rich pins:                 This is what it looks like after it’s clicked:How to Start a Blog like a Boss

How to Start a Blog like a Boss



You should set up rich pins on Pinterest.

Many bloggers opt to set up rich pins on Pinterest because they are much higher quality than regular pins. You’re able to display more information quickly to Pinterest scrollers, which is important in the blogging world.

More importantly, users scrolling through Pinterest will always have accurate information about your pin. With regular pins, any user can change the description text. With rich pins, users can still change the description text, but the article name and your description text will remain untainted.

Pretty neat, huh?



It’s incredibly simple and only took me five minutes!

  1. Install this plugin: Yoast SEO
    I have had the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin since almost the inception of my blog, and I highly recommend it. Search engine optimization is crucial for bloggers so it’s good to have this plugin anyway. Once it’s installed, it will appear in your left-hand bar. Navigate to Yoast SEO > Social > Facebook and make sure “Add Open Graph meta data” is enabled.
  2. Go to the Rich Pin Validator
    Enter one valid blog post URL from your site in the text box. Click “Validate.”
  3. Click “Apply Now.”
    After validation, you’ll see a message box pop up that includes your site’s domain and HTML tags. Click “apply now” again, and you’re done!

Now, you’ll wait until Pinterest validates your website. My approval took less than five minutes.

Once you’re approved, your pins will automatically show as rich pins. Pretty simple, right?

Enjoy those beautiful new rich pins!

Marly Dice
Marly is the founder of A Brick Home, a blog about home renovation, DIY projects, and decorating ideas. A Brick Home helps readers create their version of a beautiful and thriving home on a budget. Marly has had a passion for beautiful home living since she can remember. Even when she used to work in the corporate world as a marketer, she spent her evenings and weekends creating an inspired home space one DIY project at a time. Marly also has a passion for everything blogging-related. She often outlines blogging tips and strategies to help others achieve their blogging goals.

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Donna Merrill

Hi Marty,

Gosh, I haven’t been on Pinterest in a long time. The information you have given is top notch.

Now I want to pin but unfortunately I have chosen 3 social media sites that I’m working on. Maybe it’s time to get a VA