DIY Paint-Dipped Plant Stand

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Here in Maryland, Spring is in the air. One of my favorite things to do this time of year is plant flowers for the season. I was going through all of my gardening tools and accessories when I came upon a trio of old plant stands I had bought several years ago. The paint was chipping and they were beginning to rust. Instead of throwing them away, I decided to restore the beauties so I could enjoy them all season long.

I am a firm believer in reusing and up cycling, especially if the project only requires a few coats of paint. It’s a great way to save money, and if you do a good paint-job, your item will look brand new. Plus, you can customize the item by choosing a paint color that aligns with your personal style and caters to your space.

It’s no secret that I tend to opt for earth-tone colors, so it’s unusual that I chose to use orange as the dipper color.

Why orange? Well, I first determined where I wanted to place the plant stands. I have an area in front of our house that was looking a little bare, so I figured this would be the perfect area for my plant stands. Since they would be directly in front of our house, I wanted the dipper color to play off the brick color.


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For this project, my goal was to avoid buying anything. I wanted to only use paint I already had on-hand. If I would have spent money on this project, I would have gone with a more terra cotta-colored paint. Orange was a close second, and I happened to have a can of half-used orange paint in my basement. So, orange became the dipper color.

Here are the before pictures of my plant stand trio:

Before picture - See how these plant stands tranformed

Here are the half-used spray paint cans I used. The orange says “cinnamon,” but after doing the project they really look more orange than cinnamon in my opinion.

Paint used to transform a plant stand

You can see in the next up-close picture that the paint was chipping and the plant stand ends were rusting. They were definitely in need of some TLC.

Before picture - See how this plant stand tranforms

The first step in this makeover was to spray-paint each plant-stand with 2-3 coats of black paint. This took longer than I had anticipated because I had to get the paint in between each nook and cranny, and there were certainly a lot. I think I had my hand at every angle imaginable in order to get the paint to cover the stands entirely!

See how this plant stand tranforms

I had to make sure they dried before continuing. To prepare to paint the legs, I used painters tape to section off slightly more than 1/3 of each foot. I did not measure because, in this case, you can’t really tell if the height is a little off on each leg.

See how this plant stand tranforms

Woah! Here’s the orange. It was bright when it first went on. Luckily, it can got a bit duller as it dried.

See how this plant stand tranforms

After the plant stands dried, I added my pots.

Such a fun and easy DIY project for this weekend!

Not bad for an hour’s worth of time. I’m also happy I spent no money at all for this project and was able to use things I already had on-hand.

Save for Later






Such a fun and easy DIY project for this weekend!

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