How to Create The Ultimate Soft & Feminine Bedroom

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I am passionate about creating beautiful living spaces. My master retreat – or bedroom – is no exception. In fact, it may be the most important space in my home. I have an almost-8-month-old daughter, and my house has turned into a baby space, pretty much everywhere. There are toys and specially created living areas just for her in every single room. Yes. Every. Single. Room. That is, until now.

You see, when we transitioned my daughter from sleeping in our master suite to sleeping in her nursery, I immediately leapt into action and reverted our room back to its former glory. While doing so, I added in some extra lush touches to make it even more soft and feminine.


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Now, after a long and exhausting day of being a mlogger – a mom blogger – (I think I just made that up. If I’m the first one, then I’m totally coining it), I get to relax in an oasis. Having this special space is so important because it helps me decompress and get ready to take on the next day feeling rejuvenated. It’s almost as good as a bath…almost.

If you’re lacking a peaceful surround in your master sanctuary, it’s time for you to turn it into the retreat you deserve. Fortunately, it’s easier than you may think to create a soft and feminine space.




I was reading a Popular Science article the other day about sleep. It’s pretty well known that the average person should get around 8 hours of sleep every night. That breaks down to about 1/3 of your lifetime spent sleeping!

According to Popular Science, “One thing science knows for sure, however, is that the less sleep you get each night, the less cognitively aware you are the next day, the day after, and every day after that. Simple.”

There are several variables that impact your sleep, and while this post is directly related to the decorative aspect, it’s also important to note the importance of creating a bed where you feel you can get a good night’s sleep.

For  me, a bed worth sleeping starts with the mattress. I consider myself frugal, but I do like to make good investments in products that I feel are valuable and will positively impact my life. Considering 1/3 of my life will be spent sleeping, I thought it wise to invest in something exceptionally comfortable for my sleeping quarters. We have a decent mattress but wanted something that was better than decent. That’s when we considered getting a mattress topper. We now have a TEMPUR-PEDIC® Tempur-Topper Supreme 3-Inch Mattress Topper on our bed, and we absolutely love it.

The bed linens are also important when it comes to comfort and esthetics.

To create a soft and feminine vibe, opt for soft bedding textures.  We have a down comforter with a duvet cover, layered over sheets and a quilt. I also am slightly obsessed with accent pillows. I may as well have started a personal accent pillow collection. Something about having several options of linens, blankets, and pillows makes me feel like I’m falling onto a puffy cloud each and every night when I lay on my bed.

Pretty bed and side table!



Choosing the right wall color is so important when it comes to creating your private oasis. It’s not just the walls though – it’s everything in your room. Every single décor item displayed throughout your room plays a role in the overall look. Even if you have one bright red blanket thrown over a chair or one bright neon picture frame hanging, that one item will not only be an eye soar but will take away from the entire ambiance of the space.

You’ll want to think in terms of light hues – anything in the gray, beige, white, and soft blue/teal color schemes is on track.

In fact, according to this Huffington Post article, “A 2013 study by Travelodge found people who have a blue bedroom get the most sleep at night – clocking in seven hours and 52 minutes. Blue, the color of the sky and ocean, invokes a feeling of calm, which may contribute to better sleep.”

In our bedroom, we have a gray/beige tone with light blue and teal accents. It’s the perfect color combination for me, and I feel totally zen whenever I enter the space.

Love this color scheme and bed.



When it comes to furnishing your room, you’ll probably want to shy away from black bedroom furniture if you’re seeking a soft and feminine bedroom. The good news is if you have black furniture, you can easily paint it instead of buying a completely new set. Not sure how to paint wood? I outline how to do just that in this buffet makeover tutorial.

You’ll also want to be particular about the bed’s headboard. What type of texture is it? Fabric and partial fabric headboards have a softer and more feminine vibe than non. That’s not to say you can’t make a soft and feminine bedroom with an all-wood headboard; you just have to be choosy about the type and color of the wood.

We have the Ashely Signature Design by Ashely Demarlos Upholstered Bed, king size. My husband and I spent a lot of time deciding on the perfect bed and accompanying furniture. For the bed, my husband wanted a wood headboard and I wanted a fabric one. We met in the middle and now have a combinational headboard. We both love how elegant the bed headboard and frame make our room look. Plus, the color is spot on for the soft look we wanted.

Soft and feminine touches can be added to your space by accenting with other furnishings, especially antique ones. Think: antique mirror or an antique chair. Again, the color of the mirror, chair, or any other piece of furniture will play a role in the room’s final look – so stick with lighter hues when choosing accent pieces.

We had purchased the below buffet table at a local shop in historic downtown Frederick, Maryland called Tuscany Designs. Funny enough, we were planning on using this piece as our vanity in our bathroom. We thought it would be the perfect size. We made the mistake of estimating depth instead of actually measuring it. After we purchased it and finally took the measurements, we realized it wouldn’t work as a bathroom vanity because it wasn’t quite deep enough. So we went with plan b. We now have it in our bedroom, and it stores all of our sweatshirts. The mix-up worked out perfectly and I couldn’t be more pleased with the statement it makes in our master bedroom.

The antique-looking candle holders below were bought for our wedding several years back with plans of repurposing them in our future house. I purchased the tri-leg candle holders at Hobby Lobby.

Love this simple and elegant buffet decor



Electronics can be so bulky and tend to have a more masculine feel to them. Nothing throws off the softness of a room like having a huge television, giant speakers, an overly large alarm clock, a desktop computer, and a docking station for your iPad and iPhone, all crammed into one space.

You probably own the majority of those items. The key to limiting these items is not to actually reduce how many electronics you own but to find a smart hideaway storage solution for when they’re not in use. (The picture below makes no reference to this point, but I like the tray so I’m posting it anyway.)

Perfect basket tray and love the decor in it



Having multiple sources of lighting helps make your space feel warm and inviting. If you’re relaxing and don’t want your overhead lights shining in your face, opt for a lamp. Keeping several candles nearby is also a good option. If you want to get really snazzy, instal a dimmer light switch so you can optimally control the amount of light in your room

 Soft and elegant fan and lighting fixture for a bedroom



To have a layered window treatment, you’ll need to have two panels on each side of your window. It will cost you a bit more to have four panels per window instead of two, but the outcome is really quite beautiful.

We have a sheer window panel behind each regular panel. I love having the ability to close just the sheer panels and let in some light as opposed to having only the ability for all or nothing. Additionally, you can create a soft and feminine look by having long window panels. When it comes to creating a flowing look, length matters. I love how ours bustle at the floor. This detail is simple but makes quite a difference.

 Layer curtains for a pretty and simple window treatment



Double doors say luxury to me. Whether you have a double door entry into the master bedroom or double doors leading from the bedroom into your master bath or closet, there’s just something so ritzy about this type of entryway.

The catch is that you have to have a wide enough space to add double doors.

We weren’t fortunate enough to have a double door entry into our bedroom because of the layout of our house, so we found a way to incorporate them in our bedroom by having them lead into our master bathroom.

We actually had to custom cut these doors because we did not have a very large amount of a space to make it happen. My husband put his handy skills to use, and now we have beautifully fitting double doors that add a statement to our bedroom and our bathroom.

Custom-cut double door entry into the master bath 



I think we can all agree that clutter is not our friend. Clutter means chaos, and chaos does not bode well in a soft and feminine space.

When I revamped our master bedroom after our roommate moved out (my 8-month-old-daughter), I did a serious purge of everything. After I threw out and donated a few boxes of clothes, I immediately felt some type of relief.

Then, I cleared off all our counter spaces in our bedroom and re-decorated. I color-coordinated items and put together like items. The decor that I didn’t use, I either donated or found a new ‘home’ for in a different area of my home.

That’s actually one habit I implement to maintain a clean home – consistently making ‘homes’ for all my goods. You can read about some of my other tips to clean smarter, and not harder, here.

Pretty side table and fresh flowers



Do your best to keep your master retreat clean. You’ll feel more at ease in a clean space than a dirty one.

Soft and feminine bedroom 



It’s Spring time here in Maryland, and I have numerous perennials blooming or gearing up to bloom. This is one of my favorite times of the year because it means free flowers for an entire season. I adore having fresh flowers in our home, especially my bedroom.

Flowers say feminine. And soft. And, they’re the perfect finishing touch to your bedroom retreat.

Such pretty flowers on a buffet table.



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How to Create the Ultimate Soft & Feminine Bedroom

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