Fun Things to do Outside with the Family

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If you’re bored and searching for a budget-friendly activity to do outside, look no further. Here’s a list of fun ideas that range from taking only a couple minutes to having an all-day adventure.

  1. Go for a walk.
  2. Have a picnic. Use whatever leftover food you have in your pantry.
  3. Go swimming. This could be at your pool, a friend’s pool, a local pool, the lake, or a beach.
  4. Go camping. It doesn’t have to be at night either. Try setting up a tent during the daytime, packing it with pillows and light blankets, and then relaxing with some music.
  5. Make an outdoor escape at nighttime with lighting. Think Christmas lights, lawn chairs, blankets, and finger food.
  6. Take pictures outside.
  7. Visit a park.
  8. Exercise outside. If you’re feeling really energetic, make an obstacle course outside using things you have laying around.
  9. Play a game outside. If you have enough people, play baseball. If there’s only you and your significant other, toss a baseball around.
  10. Bike ride.
  11. Visit a local art gallery.
  12. Walk around boutique shops.
  13. Pick flowers and make a flower arrangement.Make a flower arrangement.
  14. Read outside.
  15. Sketch outside.
  16. Do some yard work.
  17. Plant flowers.
  18. Make a time capsule and bury it outside, only to reopen at a designated time.
  19. Go horseback riding. If you know someone with horses where you can ride for free, even better!
  20. Give your dogs a bath outside.
  21. Do yoga outside.
  22. Re-paint old furniture when there are clear skies outside. This is great for drying the furniture and not smelling up your house with paint odors.

  23. Take a joy ride with the windows down and music on.
  24. Set-up a sprinkler system.
  25. Play croquet.
  26. Take a nap outside.
  27. Make a birdhouse.
  28. Go for a hike in the mountains.Go for a hike in the mountains.
  29. Have a water balloon battle.
  30. Landscape the front of your house.
  31. Start a veggie garden.
  32. Visit an amusement park.
  33. Sit outside with your family at a local café.
  34. Lay in a hammock in your backyard. Set up some lights around the trees to make an outdoor oasis.Lay in a hammock.
  35. Wash your car.
  36. Have a cookout.
  37. Visit a vineyard.
  38. Pick apples at an orchard.
  39. Make homemade ice cream.
  40. Do water sports. Go canoeing, water skiing, or jet skiing.
  41. Take a boat ride.
  42. Go to a sporting event.
  43. Go fishing.
  44. Go to the beach.
  45. Take a day trip.
  46. Find and do a free activity that your community is hosting.
  47. Fly a kite.
  48. Make a sandbox and build a sand castle.
  49. Have an outdoor craft day.
  50. Go to a free outdoor concert.
  51. Get a telescope and look at stars.
  52. Play corn hole. Or, make corn hole boards so you can play in the future.
  53. Have an outdoor family photo shoot.
  54. Take your dogs to a doggy park.

What do you love doing when there’s nice weather outside?

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Fun Things to do Outside with the Family

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