6 Reasons You Should Start a Blog

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I’m sure there are several reasons that have led you to consider starting a blog. You may know a blogger or perhaps you spend a lot of time on Pinterest, and think, “hey! I can do that.”  And while you may have all these wonderful thoughts about blogging, there must be something holding you back if you’re reading this post.

Fear not. While blogging does come with a learning curve, there are so many reasons why starting a blog is awesome.

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Blogging makes you feel empowered. You are your own boss. No one telling you to make edits to your post, no one dictating you on what you should write about. You answer to you. And because you answer to only yourself (pending you aren’t part of a partnership blog), you learn at your own pace and you work hard to create quality content. There’s just something wonderful about making something for the world to see.


Blogging requires constant learning. After you set up a blog, there are so many options. The widgets, oh, the widgets. There are so many! And you have to learn what each one is. You have to use a tried-and-true method to really ensure that the widget you’re using will give you what you’re seeking.

Then, there’s social media. If you’re starting a blog that you’re hoping to monetize, you need to appear legitimate, and you should optimize your posts by sharing them on all social media outlets. There is so much learning when it comes to social media. What’s the best way to share a post? Should you create a Facebook optimized post by image size, or should you directly share your post from your Facebook widget from your site?

To determine what’s working for your blog, you’ll start looking at your blog’s analytics. How are people getting to your blog? What post has the most views? How can you optimize that post?You should genuinely enjoy learning and figuring out things, if you want to start a blog. There can be a learning curve involved, especially if you don’t have a background in anything website related. The good news is you can find all you need to know about blogging by simply researching. Talk about brain stimulation at its finest.


Ah yes, the holy grail. Income can be made by blogging, and what is most interesting is that there isn’t a cap on that income. If you’re working a 9-5, for example, you have a set income. You know what you’re making every year, every month, every paycheck, and that’s wonderful for stability.

Blogging is different, and in my opinion, is kind of like having a sales job where you’re paid on commission. It’s different than sales, but like a sales position, there generally isn’t a cap on how much you can make. There are many bloggers out there hitting the million-dollar mark annually. That could be you. If this type of uncapped income excites you, spend some time looking at bloggers’ income reports.  Many bloggers post exactly how much they make each month and where that money is coming from.


This one’s for you, mamas. And travelers. And anyone who wants this lifestyle. I’m a relatively new mama, and as soon as I had my baby in 2016 I knew right away I wanted to be at home with my little girl – and still make an income. Blogging allows you to work from home, from a coffee shop – virtually anywhere. Some bloggers spend their days traveling around the world in an RV while blogging. Pretty cool, huh?


Blogging allows you to be creative on so many levels, with writing and designing being the biggest players. You can write about anything your little heart desires. That’s the beauty of a blog. Insert your personality into your posts, tell those jokes you thought up last night, and connect with your readers and other bloggers. And have fun designing. I have always been interested in designing but never learned how to use Photoshop. When I learned about easier design tools, like Canva, to utilize for blogging purposes, I think I literally jumped for joy.


Hopefully one of your goals with blogging is to help others by inspiring, teaching, coaching, etc. When you know you’re helping others, it’s rewarding. I remember so many times when people would say to me, “Wow, I love your house. Can you design mine?” By blogging about my love for home staging (and now my love for blogging), I feel happier knowing I’m inspiring others.

If you’re ready to start a blog, here’s a detailed tutorial that explains how you can get it set up quickly and easily.

Marly Dice
Marly is the founder of A Brick Home, a blog about home renovation, DIY projects, and decorating ideas. A Brick Home helps readers create their version of a beautiful and thriving home on a budget. Marly has had a passion for beautiful home living since she can remember. Even when she used to work in the corporate world as a marketer, she spent her evenings and weekends creating an inspired home space one DIY project at a time. Marly also has a passion for everything blogging-related. She often outlines blogging tips and strategies to help others achieve their blogging goals.

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