The 3 Keys to Blogging Success

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Despite this blog post name, there are clearly more than three keys to blogging success. I’m limiting the number to three in this post because I’d argue these are the Most Valuable Players when it comes to blogging success. Without having the below three ideals implemented in your blogging strategy, you probably won’t see your blog blossom into the thriving flower it could be.

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Think about blogging like anything else you do well in life. If you’re into fitness, how often do you work out? It must be fairly often if you want to stay in shape. How about playing an instrument? Don’t you get better with practice?

Blogging is similar in that if you want to be seen as a top blogger, you have to blog consistently. I don’t mean you need to blog everyday to be successful (you’ll see why when you read number 3 below).

What I do mean is don’t start a blog, write three posts and then wait five months before you write a fourth post. You won’t gain traction, you certainly won’t gain loyal followers, and you probably won’t be successful at monetizing your blog, if that’s your end goal.

To keep you on track for writing consistent blog posts, come up with a blogging schedule. Your blog post schedule doesn’t have to be as specific as blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It could be to blog 3x/week. If you need specific, daily goals to keep you on par, then absolutely follow a specific schedule.

Personally, I prefer to be more flexible and designate a particular number of posts to write a week. I do this as a lifestyle choice. When you have an infant to care for, like me, sometimes Monday’s don’t always work out as a blogging day. Each day is different. I’d have to constantly rearrange my blogging schedule if I did that, and I think the schedule would stress me out more than help me.

You have to do what works for you. And whatever that scheduling strategy to maintain consistency may be, stick to it.


Don’t talk about, be about it.  Stop talking the talk and start walking the walk. You get the idea.

As a blogger, you absolutely want to do research and think about the posts you’ll write and the way your blog will appear. But you have to keep a balance and not over think blogging. If you continue to think about blogging and not actually start blogging, it will always be a dream. At some point, you have to take the plunge. And even if you have already taken the plunge and started a blog, you need to keep going if you want to be successful.


As they say content is king, and it is so true.  As I mentioned in number 1 above, while consistency is vital, writing a blog post every day is not really a key to blogging success.

If you have 100 posts that are less than 100 words, for example, and another blogger has 50 posts that are each 1,000+ words, where do you think readers will go? You’ll keep your readers engaged by writing quality content.

It’s important to keep in mind that many people are skimmers when they read.I’m a skimmer; you’re probably a skimmer. The main ideas are important but what’s so great about adding quality content after a great idea is that if your reader is interested in that specific idea they can get a little more substance.

Similarly, they can skip the substance of other ideas you list out that don’t speak to them. Plus, with more content in each post, you have the ability to add more links to previous posts. This is so important because you want to keep your readers on your site. If they like the first post they read, they’ll probably want to click around to read more. It’s convenient for a reader to simply click a link directly from a post that goes to similar content. It’s a win-win. Readers like it and the added time on your site reduces your bounce rates.

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